Sunday, November 4, 2018

Nordic Museum Treasures

The Navigators and Treasure Seekers took the long trek 
up to Seattle to see the special Viking artifact exhibit 
at the new Nordic Museum. 

A buried longboat of a chief

The room was dark to prevent deterioration of the artifacts.
No flash photography allowed.

"The helmets were designed to demonstrate status 
with ornaments and costly gemstones."

The museum set up a treasure hunt for us, a hunt to find the wonderful Viking and Scandinavian treasures located throughout the museum. 

Here are a few of the treasures we found:

A replica of a carved mast of a long boat

Some artifacts from Norway 
(So fun for me personally, as I have some of my grandmother's similar things!)

A rune stone!

We enjoyed listening in on the group tour. 
We knew more than they did. :)

Cool! A model of a caravel. 
We know about these, too!

Carl Linnaeus from Sweden!
We'll learn much more about him when we study
the classification of plants and animals later on this year. 

We loved the touch screen mini-videos and interactive activities.

We participated in the museum interactive display answering the question, 
"What does your heritage mean to you?"

Adding it to the wall

"What do you do to respect and improve the lives of others?"
This student said, "Follow the Golden Rule."

Another important, profound addition to the wall.

We also took time to enjoy the architecture of the new museum building.

It reminded us of IKEA.

Eating lunch with our friends

A game of Red Light, Green Light 

The bus ride home is a great time to "Lean on Me!"

I likes the dresses, the legos and the pretty jewels. 

"I like the rune stone."

 "Thanks for showing us all the Viking artifacts. I want to come again."

Notice the detail of the various Norwegian costumes.

We enjoyed seeing, up close and personal, the things we have been learning about in our study of the explorers. 

Tusen takk, Nordic Museum, for helping us expand on our overarching concept of

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