Saturday, September 14, 2019

First Day of First Grade at Seabury School

Such bright, eager students, ready for another year of wonderful learning experiences. 

Their teacher, Mrs. Towne, is ready, too.

Our first grade library is full of interesting books!

Our first topic of study will be weather.

We're glad to be with our friends again and to meet new friends.

We're a bit jittery, too.
(We love to collect interesting words.)



Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Browns Point Treasure Hunt: EAGLES!

The Navigators and their friends, the Treasure Seekers, went on a final Treasure Hunt of the Year. We were on the lookout for things that related to the "treasures" we have learned about this year. 

We walked about one mile from our school and saw these geological treasures: the snow-capped Olympic mountains, Vashon Island, and Puget Sound. 

We saw the flora and the fauna of the area
 including several types of maple trees and helicopter seeds.

And then we were instructed to look to the right and to the left 
and up and down. 
And then we saw it! An eagle's nest. 

And just as we saw it, an adult eagle flew in and fed the eaglet!

Here are more spectacular pictures taken by Ms Moon, the Treasure Seekers' teacher:


 What a treasure it was, to see the eagles that daily fly over our playground,

especially since we have been watching the Decorah, Iowa eagles since March!

The Decorah eagles:


We're so glad the eagles are back and that we get to see them.

They are a treasure indeed!

Monday, June 10, 2019

The Winning Bidder Gets a TEA PARTY!

The child of the winning bidder for our 
Seabury 2018-2019 Run for the Roses Auction 
Teacher Experience 
got to have a tea party with her teacher 
and five of her friends.

She chose her classmates.

So Mrs. T started to make things fancy...

The table was set, 

the place cards were added 
(thanks to the Navigators' Georgia O'Keeffe artwork),

and Mrs. T's special hat collection was set out 
for all to choose from. 

And the guests began to arrive!

Many of us tried real tea for the first time and we liked it. 
(A real sugar cube might have been the deciding factor.)

The conversation was polite and quite interesting. 
We talked about how we were going to miss our friends, our classroom, and our teacher this summer. 

This was an impromptu toast to Mrs. T.

Mrs. T. said, "Thank you, 
and let's not really clink our glasses together." 😄

What a delightful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
Thank you, Navigators, for joining me for 
tea with Mrs. T! 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

First Grade Botany 101: Thinking Like Botanists

What does it look like for first graders to take Botany 101?

Asking good questions

Setting up our individual experiments

Checking our experiments for 10 days

Some experiments were done sooner than others.
"Look what happened to my plant in the freezer!"

Taking care of our experimental plants.

We've learned that plants make their own food through the process of photosynthesis. But what would happen if you give a plant more sugar, as in one sugar cube per day?

Sugar cube hypothesis: I think it will create more leaves because sugar is inside the stem.
Results: It is not good to feed it sugar.

Each student did two experiments.
Here we are comparing our results.

Experiment #1 was the control plant and #2 was fertilized by our red wigglers worm fertilizer! 

Thank you, Ms Jenn, for showing us how to keep them alive and wiggling!

Analysis by a first grader!

Final analysis: most students agreed that:

  • plant number 8, the plant that was talked to, grew the most because talking produces more carbon dioxide, something plants need to survive.

  • plant number 13, the plant that was put in the microwave, grew the least because it survived only 30 seconds. Plants cannot get that hot. 

Proof: young students exposed to real life, hands-on, inquiry based, STEM activities can and do think like botanists. 

Each student gets an A+ in Botany 101

First Day of First Grade at Seabury School

Such bright, eager students, ready for another year of wonderful learning experiences.  Their teacher, Mrs. Towne, is ready, to...