Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Quest to Discover How the Feudal System Works

The Different Levels of the Feudal System

The feudal system was introduced to Britain by the Normans 
after the Battle of Hastings in 1066.  

The peasants and the serfs are at the lowest level.
They provided food and services to all.

The next level up: the knights
They provided protection to all. 

The next level up were the nobles and church officials.
They pledged loyalty to the king, were land owners, 
and were responsible for telling all what to do. 
At times the two didn't agree, hence the English word feud. 

The top level: the royalty
The king ruled over all. 

We gathered around and each received their fair share of the goods: 10 M&M's per person.

It all sounded fair and good...until we discovered what family we were born into.

The first pyramid scheme! The serfs paid taxes and rent to knights, who in turn gave much of what they received to the nobles and church officials. They, in turn, gave much of what they received to the king. 

The king ended up with the most by far!
The nobles and church each had a lot, too!
The knights had quite a lot.
And the serfs only had 4, enough to barely stay alive. 


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