Saturday, September 23, 2017

Junior Great Books - Best Practices for Young Gifted Learners

As a school for gifted students, we strive to implement best practices in our curriculum development. With that in mind, we regularly use Junior Great Books, a literacy program designed for gifted students. 

This week we read a rich, exciting version of The Pied Piper of Hamelin, perfect for our study of the Middle Ages. It stirred up a lively discussion about rats, about keeping promises, and about decision making. The kids were actively involved in a popcorn type discussion, truly listening to each other, and giving reasons from the text and reasons from their own experiences to back up their opinions. 

For more information about the effectiveness of using Junior Great Books, click here. 

Here are some of our interpretations in picture form:

The terrible rat infestation of Franchville.

Even rats on their heads!

Nothing worked to rid the town of the rats.

Along comes the Pied Piper.

Example of the rich language of this version of the story. 

 The book had no pictures of the Pied Piper but we were able to picture him (or her) in our minds. 

"Fain would they have higgled and haggled" 
over losing some money. 
How about you!? Would you have kept your promise?!

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