Saturday, November 18, 2017

Ada's Violin - How One Story Can Be Used in a Classroom

The Navigators read the book and went to the play, Ada's Violin, The Story of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay. In true Seabury style, the Navigators enjoyed the story from a variety of angles:

Angle 1: We read the book.

Angle 2: We went to the brand new Federal Way Arts & Events Center to see the play. 

Ada's Violin

The Story of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay
Book It Theater  | 
An extraordinary true tale based on the book Ada’s Violin: The Story of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay by Susan Hood. Ada RĂ­os longs to play the violin, but she lives in a poor community on a landfill. When a music teacher finally arrives there are not enough instruments for all of the children. Teacher Favio Chavez’s solution? They will make their own instruments – out of trash! This show is performed in English and Spanish.

Practicing theater etiquette 
The set: a landfill 
The Navigators with Mount Rainier in the background

Angle 3: We learned about the real orchestra.
Click here to watch a video of the real people of the story. 

Angle 4: Book Study
We wrote the beginning, middle and end parts of the story. 

Angle 5: Math: Practicing the "Draw a Picture" strategy for solving word problems

Estimation: How many people do you estimate the theater holds? Answers were from 50 to 2000.
Correct answer was 716.

How many people from Seabury School went to see the play, Ada's Violin?
___ people in the bus + ___ in car 1 + ___ in car 2 + ___ in car 3 = ____ people from Seabury School
Angle 6: World Geography
 We marked Paraguay on our classroom map
Angle 7: MakerSpace/Art Class with Miss Angela/Performing Arts with Miss Suzanne

We made our own instruments, wrote our own songs, and formed our own band.

Click here for a video of the song "Princess Starfall." 
Angle 8: Music Appreciation
We continue to learn about instruments and enjoy classical music in our classroom. 

Angle 9: Writing thank you letters
"Thank you for the awesome play."
"My favorite part was when you put the instruments together."
"I was inspired to play the violin." 

A future violinist?!

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