Sunday, November 26, 2017

Our Illuminated Pages For Our Classroom Book of Days

 The first grade Navigators are becoming great paragraph writers! (Yes, in the midst of all of our fun learning we accomplish the expected educational standards.)

For our classroom Books of Days, each student picked a topic of interest, did some research using books and the internet, went through the writing process, and ended up with a beautifully done five sentence paragraph.

We are working on handwriting, using capital letters correctly, and including a period, question mark, or exclamation point at the end of each sentence.

Also notice the topic sentence, three details, 
and a concluding sentence that ties up the paragraph like a bow.

We read this book and learned how a book was made in the Middle Ages. Since they were completely hand-made, they took a long time to make. 

Rats were everywhere, including in the scriptorium (and in the margins of this page.)

We enjoyed making very fancy letters.

Several boys were interested in the Black Death and did their research together.

This one included a quill in the picture. 
His curiosity led to getting out some feathers and trying to make quill pens.

Notice the enlarged letter "T" of the first word "the". 
We still find this style in books at the beginning of chapters.

We used glitter to illuminate our pages. 
In the Middle Ages gold leaf was used. 

We worked long and hard on this project.
Our illuminated pages turned out sparkly and brilliant!

We 💛 glitter!

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