Monday, February 11, 2019

Bird Dream House Designs

If you were a bird, wouldn't you want to live in a Bird Dream House? That was the question Miss Angela, our art specialist, posed as we were studying birds.

Here's a sneak peak into the life of our Seabury classroom. We had just finished making our Bird Dream Houses and were very proud to show each other our creative designs! Click video below or here

To see and hear about more videos of our creativity, click here and here.

A bird dream house with lots of beds in the bedroom

Of course, a Bird Dream House must have a garden on the roof 
and swings on the sides.

This one has a lot of perches.

Our MakerSpace has a large variety of materials 
to incorporate into our designs.

For birds only!
Notice the blaster on top to blast predators. 

Lots of tapestries and cozy rugs 
for the owners of this dream house.

Integrating art into our science curriculum enables our students to experience and play with our topics (in this case birds) from a different angle. Much fun and learning were had by all!

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