Saturday, February 9, 2019

Tacoma's Treasure Hunt: Monkeyshining

Can you find the pig?

For the second year, Seabury School participated 
in Tacoma's city wide treasure hunt, Monkeyshines. 
Local artisans (and Seabury students!) 
produced and hid various glass art pieces 
and other trinkets around the city. 

It was a great opportunity for the students to discover 
the joy of giving and, for a few, receiving

The yearly event coincides with the Chinese Lunar New Year. 
This year was the year of the pig.

We spent our All School (PreK-8) Gathering making pigs.

Ms Monkey's workshop

Golf ball pigs

Each so unique 

Perler bead pigs and painted rocks


Each student has something to hide.

A perfect place to hide and seek, Browns Point Light House Park

 Here's a good spot.

A beautiful place to find treasures and only 5 minutes from school

Bright sun, brilliant blue skies, smooth water, diving birds, 
majestic Olympic Mountains, slight breeze, a few pockets of leftover snow - a perfect day to go treasure hunting!

Found! Beautiful glittery painted rocks!

Fun with friends

Local history - the 100+ year old cottage

Even if we didn't find our own treasure to keep, 
the day was a success. 
We experienced the old adage, 
"It is better to give than to receive."

To find out more about "Why Monkeyshines Tacoma is Awesome", click here

Maybe next year we'll find one of these, 
an official Monkeyshine glass globe!

We'll be back to try!!

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