Sunday, October 29, 2017

A Feast for the Ages - The Middle Ages, That Is...

The Navigators have a lot to celebrate!
We have been on a Great Quest to 
the Medieval Period.

After several months of questioning and
discovery, we now know and understand:
  • the feudal system
  • the daily life
  • knights and chivalry 
  • coats of arms
  • castles
  • literature
  • art and architecture
  • famous people
  • important events
  • and much more!
And so we invite our families and friends to join us for (and bring the food for 😄) a Medieval Feast to celebrate and to share our newly discovered excitement for the Middle Ages.

Getting ready--making costumes and goblets.


  The room is decorated:

The food is ready and the table is set:

The guests arrive:


 Time for a toast to Queen Wollum and Lady Price:

It's time to eat!


 We have a time of merriment. Here are a few of the jokes:

What king of Medieval England was famous because he spent so many nights at the Round Table writing books?
~King Author!

Why were the early days of history called the Dark Ages?
~because there were so many knights!

Who invented King Arthur's round table?
~Sir Cumference!

Where did people in the Middle Ages park their camels?
~in Camelot!

Everyone, young and old alike, added a sentence to make a Quest Story starting with

 "Once upon a time, in a time long, long ago, in a place far, far away, there was a castle....

and ending with "and they all lived happily ever after!"

A fun, festive, merry time was had by all. Thank you families and friends for supporting us, for celebrating us, and for feeding us! 


Lady Towne and the Knights and Ladies of Seabury!

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