Monday, October 2, 2017

Grandparents Love STEM, Too

The 2017-2018 Grandparents and Special Friends Day was one for the memory books. Our guests experienced what we do here at Seabury School - an Engineering Quest

We were given craft sticks, rubber bands, plastic lids, a plastic spoon, and a container of glue.

Our goal was to make a catapult that could launch a marshmallow the farthest. 

Some even used the box they received to hold their supplies.

Everyone had great ideas and were ready to figure it out. 

So fun to see our guests embrace the Quest.

Such concentration.

Testing the catapult.

We had quite a variety of catapults.

This one became a work of art. 
Plus we discovered that the higher up the catapult is, the better it launches.

This one launched a marshmallow 331 1/4 inches, the farthest of them all!

Thinking like a scientist: post engineering quest lab report. 

This student's idea of "making it spin" was really a good idea!

Lab report sketch

We hope our guests enjoyed their visit to our class.
We sure learned a lot and hope you did, too!

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