Sunday, October 1, 2017

Serious Play Acting - Our Dubbing Ceremony

After coming up with our very own Code of Chivalry (i.e. classroom rules,) we all agreed to abide by it, we signed our names (using very fancy illuminated letters,) and were henceforth dubbed official knights and ladies. 
Reading of the Code of Chivalry

 We came up with a very honorable code.

A very serious affair

The benefits of play-based learning are many. Here are a few:

Social and emotional skills: taking turns, sharing, negotiating, problem solving, dealing with successes and disappointments, listening to others, cooperating, empathizing, learning patience, expressing feelings

Academic skills: using new vocabulary, experiencing history, gaining background knowledge, enhancing cultural awareness, planning, developing upper level thinking, practicing real life math skills, developing imagination and creativity

Physical skills: developing fine and gross motor skills, developing body awareness


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