Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Introducing INVENTIONS

Here's a sneak peak into how we introduce topics 
at Seabury School. 

We often use the Frayer Model to define what an invention is and what it is not. 
These are some of the ideas the first and second graders came up with.

Question storming is a great way to investigate a topic. Here we are asking about Mrs. Maitlen's socks! Fits perfectly with inquiry based learning. 


Did I mention that Mrs. Maitlen and I attended an Invent Washington class in the summer and are excited about inventions?

Innovation through Inspiration!

The goal of Invent Washington to have "every child in every school in Washington State
to have the opportunity to become an inventor and entrepreneur
and let their passions guide them through this journey!"

We're on a quest to discover problems that need inventive solutions!

And we're excited to come up with ideas 
for our upcoming Invention Convention!

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