Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Little Prince Experience

Once again, the Seattle Children's Theater didn't disappoint and did a fabulous job with costumes (as seen in the above picture!), characters, props, and staying true to the book.

First of all, we read the classic book. 
Mrs. Towne, moi, even read the first page in French. 

What do you see? A hat?

Or a boa constrictor digesting an elephant?

Or a boa constrictor digesting a giraffe, a red dolphin, a dragon, a mermaid family, a boa constrictor 😊, a piranha in a bowl, a whale, a horse, and a tyrannosaurus rex?!

The Little Prince's planet, Asteroid B612

What does your planet look like?
Such a variety of imaginations and interests.

My planet has an ice cream castle and the planet is a watermelon. There are ice cream trees and ice cream everywhere. There are snowmen that are made out of snow with buttons and eyes that are mint and a candy nose instead of a carrot. And ice cream flowers. And my friend, since she wanted to be on the planet with me. 

Everyday there has to be a tornado somewhere on the planet. I control the tornadoes. When it rains, it's sugar rain which makes a giant flood of sugar. And the sun is a giant red dwarf star; it's really hot. It has a moon that has the same type of trees that are on the planet. And the trees, for some reason, are blue and they make air. It has two volcanoes that are super small and an asteroid orbiting around it. It has a galaxy very near it. It has pine trees and a single flower. 

I built a house on this planet. When I dug a little bit, I saw some monsters build a trap door. Then I saw a lake and I put a bridge on it. It has only one road and I go fishing out of my car. On the other side, I saw the trap door so I jumped over it and I never went on that road again. My planet also has an underworld. It has monsters such as black skeletons, green zombies, black zombies, and an underworld king and his three headed dog. Under the underworld is really hot water and metal separates it. And the reason why it's hot is because there is lava underneath that. If you set grenades in the lava, kabam, the planet explodes.

We went to see the play in Seattle!

Practicing play etiquette: no feet on the chairs, no rocking in the chairs, quiet voices.
We had front row seats!


Click here for a sneak preview from Q-13 Fox, a local news station.

"There is nothing like live theater...being in a room with people, listening to stories, 
is part of our human--it's our birthright."
~Courney Sale, the Artistic Director of the Seattle Children's Theater

When we got back to school, we were eager to do some research on
boa constrictors
baobab trees
the Sahara Desert

Look what I found!

We are learning how to cut and paste pictures into our individual folders on the school server.
Then we are finding three interesting facts on the internet, typing them into a text box,
and creating a PowerPoint slide show. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to experience The Little Prince. Here are a few of our own words:
Thank you for the play, The Little Prince. 
My favorite was the pilot. I liked the play.

Thank you for doing The Little Prince. 
My favorite part was when the Little Prince was on the stage. 
He said, "Draw me a sheep."

I loved the play.
My favorite part was the flower.
I  loved the costumes.
That was the best field trip ever.

Thank you, Seattle Children's Theater 
and thank you, Seabury School, 
for providing such rich opportunities for our students.

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