Wednesday, January 10, 2018


To get the creative, invention juices flowing, the Navigators have done several mind stretching activities. We started with a whisk.

What else can you do with an ordinary kitchen whisk?

The creative ideas start to flow. It can be used as a:

  • microphone
  • flinger
  • spaghetti spinner
  • idea light bulb
  • top
  • spanker
  • Harry Potter wand
  • instrument
  • tornado
  • wing
  • flame thrower
  • drumstick
  • sword
  • bouncy toy
  • head massage (if you cut the ends)
  • blush putter onner
  • hidden compartment
  • dubbing wand
  • hair curler
  • baseball bat
  • bell
  • earring remover
  • cake batter mixer
  • whip
  • rat catcher
  • arrow
  • and more

What if we modify it? 

Introducing S.C.A.M.P.E.R., a way of stretching our ideas to come up with even more innovative, inventive ideas.

S. Substitute: 
What if we filled a whisk with mirrors and hung it from the ceiling? a disco ball!

C. Combine: 
What if we combined three whisks together? a propeller!

A: Adapt:
What if we cut the top and put crayons in it? a crayon holder!

M: Modify: What if we tie two whisks together? A double sided, do-two-jobs-at-once, whisk!

What if we put a star on it? A fairy wand!

P: Parody: What if we do something to make it funny? a spanker!

E: Eliminate: What if we take away the tips and the handle? A scrubby!

R: Rearrange: What could you use it for if you bent it? ____________ (fill in the blank!)


Once the creative juices started flowing, the ideas started gushing! So many things to invent! Which should we start with first?!

Stay tuned....

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