Wednesday, December 19, 2018

How Do Birds Fly? Bernoulli's Effect for First Graders

The question of the week has been, "How do birds fly?"

To answer this question, we did some experiments 
and discovered how moving air affects objects it encounters. 
The results surprised us. 

We are TOTALLY engaged in doing experiments!

When we blow between two balloons, instead of the balloons going apart they come together. 

We're learning how to write up scientific lab reports.
Diagrams and labels are encouraged.

See the air blowing between the balloons 
and the movement of the balloons towards each other? 

We also are encouraged to use words to describe it. 

We then blow over a strip of paper and under it. 
We expect it to go up when we blow under it 
and to go down when we blow over it. 

It goes up for both!

Notice the dominating art style of the year - fancy eyeballs. :) 

The paper strip also scwiggles!

Next experiment: when you blow air 
through a straw next to a lit candle, 
we expect the candle to go away from the air.

But it blows towards the air!



After watching a few videos, we discover there are four forces involved in flight, including lift!

We're beginning to understand 
the forces behind the wonder of flight. 


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