Tuesday, December 11, 2018

We Need a Time Machine!

Time is usually a difficult concept for  first graders to understand. How long ago did the Vikings live? When was 1492? Was that before electricity was discovered? Did they have cell phones?

So when one student exclaimed "We need a time machine," it was a perfect opportunity to "play" with time. We set to work on designing, building, and playing with our time machines. And we went to many imaginary places in the process. 

The Design Stage:

"This book might have some ideas."

The Building Stage:

Get a big box and a bunch of stuff from the MakerSpace, add some time and imagination and voila, machines that will take you anywhere and anytime.
Computer parts work well.

So do blender bases and telephone cords.

A variety of skills were utilized in our endeavors.

This is a hand print recognizer to start the machine--21st century technology.

A time machine needs some old fashioned dials such as an analog clock!

Warning! If you go back too far in time there might be danger!

The play/imagination stage:

The Navigators had weeks of fun (and time machines taking over our room) creating and playing with our time machines.

Next up, writing down our stories.

If I Were an Explorer...

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