Monday, December 10, 2018

Thinking Like a Zoologist: Taxonomy

How do zoologists think?

That was the question of the week as we learned the science of taxonomy.

First we started with sorting shoes.

One student wrote about it in her journal.

She says it best!

In groups of two, we then sorted Beanie Babies.
Fins, no fins
Wings, no wings,
Tails, no tails
Long tails, short tails
We kept dividing until each animal had a genus-species name.

We then classified and labeled a collection of shells and made a "museum display."

We especially enjoyed the "unicorn horns."

We discussed the need for having a system of classification and learned about Carl Linnaeus, the man we saw at the Nordic Museum!

It's all starting to fit together now.

And most of us can say:








Well done, zoologists! 

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